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This DVD will be your personal copy of the "Tru-Fit Patterns" live class-room seminar. The 3 hour DVD includes two programs. With these programs you will learn a lifetime of professional pattern fitting and designing techniques in approx. 3 hours. In the video a professional "International Design Consultant" teaches you about the new tools and techniques never seen before by the home sewing public and available exclusively on this web site.

The DVD was created and organized by our experienced "International Design Consultants" who are expert in pattern design and the use of advanced pattern making systems and tools. They have over 44 years of experience researching, discovering and developing these tools and the products that are essential in pattern making and fitting.


  • The Amazing European Pattern Making System.
  • How to copy the latest fashions and be your own designer.
  • How to save money by buying the exact amount of fabric needed.
  • How to make custom fitting patterns for any size, figure, shape and style.
  • The International Methods used by tailors for perfectly fitting slacks.


  • How to sew in sleeves, collars, shoulders and side seams with new techniques never before seen by the home sewing public.
  • How to end pinning and basting with special instructions.
  • How to sew matched seams with proper sewing attachments.
  • How to adjust and correct commercial patterns so pieces match properly for sewing.
  • How to use the proper tools and short cuts for professional results.

You can learn everything you will ever need to know about pattern making, fitting and designing. With this DVD and the products exclusively available on this web site; pattern making and designing is made easier than sewing.

The 3 hour DVD includes 2 programs:

    1. A 2 1/2 hour live class-room "Pattern Fitting Class".
    2. A 1/2 hour slack making program "Home Sewing Made Easy"

Also included are six sample patterns from our system and our class instruction guide.

The DVD demonstrates all the products available on this web site.


Receive this item for free with the purchase of the Lutterloh System or with a purchase of $200.00 or more.

Price: $19.95


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